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I'm vicious.

Name: Libby Lechmanick (woot)
Occupation: student, bum
Education Completed: I'min 11th woo-hoo
Piercings:  just my first holes in my ears. I'll have my industrial soon.
Tattoos: no. never.

Religion: not sure
Books (minimum 3): 1984, Stranger In A Strange Land, Slaughterhouse 5
Music (5 Different bands/musicians): The Clash, Modest Mouse, Dashboard Confessional, Harvey Danger, Franz Ferdinand
Favorite color: I'm not quite sure at the moment. it was pink.
Do you smoke: no
...Drink: no
Future Ambitions: go to stetson, become a lawyer, get the hell out of this place
S/O (If any, post a picture): uh. not so much anymore....

Views On...
Abortion: pro-choice. People will do it whether it's legal or not. At least they have a better chance at not having complications if it's done professionally. Besides, sometimes it really is necessary
Election 2004: At first I was for Kerry. Now I don't know. Bush is an asshole about marriage and abortion, but Kerry's indecisive. I like Nader.
Homosexuals: I like them..or at least I have nothing against them. Most of them are pretty awesome.
Teen Pregnancy: it happens even though it shouldn't.

Describe yourself in 3 words:weird, tall, nerd
Make everyone laugh: I fell off my bed last's funny, I swear.
What makes you vicious: probably nothing. I'm a big bitch, that's as close as I get to being vicious...

[Post 3 Clear pictures of yourself]

they're not very good quality. get over it.

Why do you wanna join vicious_vixxen
In a last-ditch effort to charm us: I love rose kelly and Ivan the terrible. They rock my pants off.

The End.

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