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"Significant Other" The Meeting

Run. That’s all I could think of, running. No destination, no point of origin. I could feel the small beads of sweat on my forehead. My tank top, clinging to my breasts, that had a tear across the top. I heard a scream off in the distance, over the soft sound of my heels hitting the pavement. Then in the silence I heard the sound of a raspy, guttural, breath and the soft swish of a cloak behind me. What does he want? What do I have that he could possibly want? Run, run Shiva, you have to run faster I thought.
I saw a shadow moved in front of me. I stopped and looked to see what it or who it was. Standing and gasping for air I tried to call. “Who’s there? What do you want?” but not much came out, so logically there was no answer. Then I realized I had stopped running and whoever was chasing me was fast approaching. Then, a hand grabbed me from behind and lifted me off the ground and threw me towards the wall. I braced my arms and neck for impact against the wall letting my elbows take the brunt of the impact instead of my head. That‘s all that I need is to have a concussion in an dark ally with a stranger, God knows what would happen. No scratch that I knew what would happen. I fell to the ground and landed on my knees but didn’t wait to pull my feet underneath me. No sooner had I gotten on my feet did the cloaked figure reach down and attempt to grab my hair. Taking every opportunity I got I made a swift kick and took his legs out from under him. He no sooner hit the ground and he was up, again. Damn it. Finally back on my feet I put one leg back and one forward preparing myself to kick out again. “Who the hell are you? What do you want?” I asked. The cloaked man flashed me a smile, carefully not showing any teeth, yet allowing some of his power to seep through. “Vampire.” I whispered. “Very good, Shiva,” he said,” how old am I?” Trying to think calmly and slowly, trying to remember what happened, then it hit me. This asshole tried to bite me, mark me, make me his. “You sack of undead crap. You blocked my memories. You tried to bite me, you asshole!” I kicked out and hit him right in the knee, busting his knee backwards. I went to upercut him in the chin, but I underestimated him and he grabbed me by the throat and held me in mid air. Which, me, only being 5’4” and him 6” it wasn’t that hard. “I’ll ask you again Shiva,” he spoke slowly, “How old am I?” I searched for that small piece of me connected to vampires and felt his age like water crushing a submarine that has gone too deep. “7, maybe 800 years old.” I choked out. He smiled again flashing fang, “Very, very good. Now to finish what I started.
I tried to kick him low but again I underestimated him. Damn I should really learn from my mistakes. Now, with no way to fight back I felt helpless, and I hate that feeling. My brain was racing as fast as it could go trying to think of away to get out of this before I became the walking dead. Just then the shadow I saw earlier came across me again, this time I knew it was real because he grabbed the vamp and tossed him across the alley. Meanwhile I fell flat on my butt. Staring up at the shadow it began to take the form of a man, blonde hair, blue eyes, and also 6” and looked like he could bench press a semi-truck. Then I realized I’d been staring at the wrong person, the lying sack of shit vampire was still near and dear. Clumsily getting to my feet I noticed Mr. Tall dark and handsome was staring at me. I turned to the cloaked vampire, “What’s your name?” Again he smiled, “Bruce.” I couldn’t help but laugh, “Bruce? You must be kidding me. If I were you I’d change my name to happy fang. Maybe then you can get that date with Bubba.”
“You unclean wretched wrench. You’re not a vampire and your not a were wolf yet you are both.” And with that he lunged and tried to strike again, but Mr. Tall dark and handsome reached down at the same speed he traveled and grabbed him by the throat. “Leave her alone.” he growled. Then through happy fang back a good thirty feet. Then happy fang disappeared. “Where did he go?” sounded like a stupid question, especially coming from me. “He clouds your mind, makes you think he vanished. You probably would have seen him in better light.”
I looked up at the wolf. “And what’s your name?” He smiled. “God damn it,” I screamed, “How come everyone is freaking smiling at everything I say?” “Tsumi. My names Tsumi.” I nodded and looked up to see a half moon. “Almost that time of the month isn’t it?” I asked. Tsumi only nodded. “I’m hungry let’s find something to eat.” I offered. Tsumi smiled and nodded again, and we started walking down the alley not saying much but with smiles on both our faces. I had a feeling this was a start to a beautiful and interesting relationship.
I'm thinking about making this into a series. What do you think?
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