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Name: Jessica Muldoon
Age: 14
Occupation: Student
Education Completed: Not yet

Religion: athiest
Music (5 Different bands/musicians):Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjiman, Trapt, Akon, Usher
Favorite color: Orange
Do you smoke: Yes....
...Drink: Of course

Views On...
Abortion: The womans right to choose what she wants to do with her body, is absolutly up to her.
Election 2004: Neither.... they should both die and burn in hell.... but Kerry perferably
Homosexuals: theyre cool.
Teen Pregnancy:Dumb....

Describe yourself in 3 words: Additudial, supercalifradgilisticexpealidocious,  Thuper!!! (thankth fo asthking)
Make everyone laugh:What do you get when you turn a blond upside down?..... A brunette with bad breath.... hehe

What makes you vicious: I like to light things on fire..... (bathrooms... cough cough)

[Post 3 Clear pictures of yourself]


Why do you wanna join vicious_vixxen: Because you told me too.... :-/ plus The owner is a very sweet peice of ass... if i do say so...
In a last-dicth effort to charm us: you spell dicth like ditch....

Good luck everyone, stay vicious!

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