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Education Completed:11th grade
Piercings:belly button on b-day
Tattoos:roses intertwined on calf on b-day

Books (minimum 3):Anita Blake series, Dhampir series, Amelia Atwater-Rhodes books
Music (5 Different bands/musicians):Dashboard Confessionals, Pink, Sir-Mix-Alot, Taproot, Breaking Benjamin
Favorite color:Black
Do you smoke:EW GRODIE
Future Ambitions:nurse, neonatal
S/O (If any, post a picture):

Views On...
Abortion:It's wrong. fetus's have rights too. It should not be up to a woman to kill her own child, if she doesn't want the child at give it to someone who can not have children and want one.
Election 2004:I dont like either candidate.I think political figures all act like bickering little children, and don't truely know what's realy good for our country.
Homosexuals:If thats how they want to live, thats their right, we can't tell someone what will make them happy, only that person knows.
Teen Pregnancy:You cant preach to a teenager to have abstanence but you can try to teach them to use preventitive measures to avoid pregnancy and if they dont follow those guidlines and get pregnant then they should have to pay the price, but not taking it out on the child for their mistake.

Describe yourself in 3 words:odd smart funny
Make everyone laugh:Do you want to come play with the kitty *stares at you and smiles invitingly*
What makes you vicious:stupid people, I love the feel of flesh between my fangs, especially around the neck area then you can feel the pulse in your mouth too ;-)

[Post 3 Clear pictures of yourself]
Me and my hunny bun


i dont care for this one so I'll change it soon

I'll get better pics soon but I need my best friend help me with the pictures and all but i got this far all by myself.

Why do you wanna join vicious_vixxen
In a last-ditch effort to charm us: I think that I can add a charming yet intelligent swing to the community, I also think that this community is totally different from the others and would love to be a part of it.

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